CORSAIR M360 - The Cloud Hypervisor

Microservices are revolutionizing application development and deployment. The move from monolithic applications to a collection of loosely coupled services has been widely hailed:

The trick is to efficiently manage all of these services. As Gartner notes: “Successful microservices architecture is more complex than traditional application architectures and therefore demands more effort and discipline to design, build and manage it."

“Businesses that have embraced microservices have realized significant benefits, and organizations that ignore this fact may be left behind.” -

“Why microservices are the foundation to a digital future”
- Headline in Network World

“Innovate or Die: The Rise of Microservices” - Headline in The Wall Street Journal

M360: CORSAIR Enterprise Microservices Management

Helping organizations design, build, and manage microservices is why we created our M360 Corsair Enterprise Microservices Management suite.

M360 is a comprehensive set of microservices management software components, including:

  • API Lifecycle Management

  • Release Management

  • Multi-Cloud

  • Orchestration


These four components are modular in nature and while they can operate as stand-alone modules and interoperate with existing technology investments, the real advantages are in the seamless interoperability across the platform.

Supporting Complete Application Lifecycle

CORSAIR M360 is precisely designed to help organizations pull the greatest benefits from microservices architecture while working from an integrated platform that covers the full application lifecycle, from planning, through coding, building, testing, release, deployment, operations, monitoring, and then back to planning for the next iteration in a process of continuous improvement.

Affordable, Too

Unlike some offerings that can cost millions of dollars per year, Corsair M360 is an affordable management platform you can run on your own secure environment. Think of It as your own private AWS . . . or Azure. And M360 makes it easy to deploy and scale, using Docker or Kubernetes. Run it on your own resources, on a public cloud, or as a hybrid solution. A brief look at just some of its features includes:

  • Multi-authentication

  • Multi-cloud orchestration

  • Any container technology

  • Deployment catalog recipes

  • IT Ops automation

  • Log monitoring & integration with 3rd party logs

  • Multi-environment support

  • Resource configuration, management and deployment

  • Cloning


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