CORSAIR M360 - The Cloud Hypervisor

Corsair USA has developed a comprehensive cloud software platform called M360 for the enterprise management of “Microservices”. A Microservice can best be described as any connection between a data repository and an application in a complex web or cloud computing environment. We find that there is a high demand for a sophisticated management console that can easily create microservices and make them available to other applications and data repositories in the enterprise. With this comes a demand for a console to act as the “traffic cop” to handle microservice flow between ever-changing applications infrastructures and cloud computing platforms.

It just makes good business sense to use a cloud infrastructure tool like M360 to manage and lower the cost of operating an ever-growing proliferation of Microservices for the enterprise.

M360 has four major components

API Lifecycle Management Multi-Cloud Orchestration Software Release Mgmt IT Operations Automation

All of these components operate together in a seamless integrated fashion or they can be readily used independently and easily integrated to work in concert with other software components that may already be used by the enterprise.

Photography provided by Erik Garcia Velasquez

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